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Semaglutide (1mL)


Compounded Semaglutide

0.25mg-0.5mg weekly dose lasts 5-10 weeks

Ships a 2.5mg bottle (1mL)

6 Days Processing


Semaglutide (2mL)


Compounded Semaglutide

0.5 mg -1mg weekly dose lasts 5-10 weeks

Ships a 5mg bottle (2mL)

6 Days Processing


Tirzepatide (1mL)


Compounded Tirzepatide

1mg-2.5mg weekly dose lasts 4-6 weeks

6 Days processingĀ 

Ships a 10mg (1mL) bottle


Tirzepatide (2mL)


Compounded Tirzepatide

2.5 – 5mg weekly dose lasts 4-8 weeks

6 Days processing 

Ships a 20mg (2mL) bottle

1ml Complete Semaglutide consultation


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2ml Semaglutide Complete consultation


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1ml Complete Tirzeptatide consultation


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2mL Complete Tirzepatide consultation


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