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Most everything can be done remote to make integration into your life easier. 

We do not accept insurance, our cost is 180

Must be Florida resident

We schedule on a 28 day program

If you would like to complete our intake paperwork please text us your Name, D.O.B, and Email. Also any questions and scheduling can be answered via text at 813 575 0455

Drug screens can be picked up at –

1060 Woodcock Rd Orlando 32803 (will need approval first)


Opioid Dependency Treatment Opioid Dependence or Addiction to medication such as prescription painkillers (oxycodone, oxymorphone, methadone, hydrocodone…etc) or heroin is a complex and devastating condition, but it can be treated effectively with medication-assisted treatment combined with counseling and support. We understand the process of recovery from addiction can be a long and painful one. By developing an individualized plan of care for each patient, we help aid the patient into sobriety. As clinicians’ we make the process as easy as possible by providing both medical support to minimize withdrawals and its symptoms  and psychological support that can increase the likelihood of treatment success. Medical Support – Patients who want to stop using/abusing opioids/heroin can find it very challenging. Many times patients want to quit their dependence but the thought of withdrawal keeps them dependent. The need to satisfy cravings or avoid withdrawal can be so intense that they feel desperate, anxious, depressed and distracted from their daily activities. At the right dose, and along with counseling, SUBOXONE Film can help people stay in treatment by suppressing withdrawal symptoms and reducing cravings. Staying in treatment can help reduce illicit opioid use. To read more about SUBOXONE, it’s side effects, it’s medication guide and it’s uses please refer to the manufacturer website for more details click here. With Psychological Support event recognition, triggers and coping mechanisms associated with past dependency are attributes that you learn to help minimize the risk of relapse as you rebuild your life. 

Text Line – 813 575 0455

Address – Suboxone Doctor

1060 Woodcock Road 

Orlando 32803

Insurance – We do not accept insurance

Cost – 180

Appointment Only

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